Apr 22nd 2011
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Girls, what's your favorite facial soap? and why? I have been using Neutrogena since it was just a bar and want some suggestions on a change! I have oily skin.
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If you have some extra cash to spend, I love Cosmedix brand. It's only sold at high end salons, but it really is fantastic. I've heard Cetophil is the only other safe drug store brand.

My take on it, don't use a soap, but a mild facial cleanser. And get a good brand. I think Neutrogena is not bad, but if you want to change, try some other well-known brand names, either in the supermarket or the department store, whatever your budget can afford. I have mixed skin and I rarely use any cleansing or soap at all - my belief is that it's not so good for the skin. But if you still want to use those, try Oil of Olay, or L'Oreal, or Lancome.

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