Apr 26th 2011
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I was just offered a promotion, but it entails moving cross country. What are some things to weigh into on making this decision, anyone else been through this?
The money is great, but I don't know I'm ready to leave my life and friends.
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Well, do you have another job currently? If this is a major improvement, I'd say take it. You will have to get adjusted to a new environment, but view it as an adventure. I would inquire whether they will pay for your relocation expenses. Also, if you own a condo or a house, you'll need to see if you can rent it out. This is not the best of real estate markets to sell something, so renting is probably best. Weigh the expense and inconvenience of moving vs. what you may gain by doing that. You may meet new friends, colleagues etc. I believe that travel is always good.

think of it as an adventure. you'll be able to see new things and try new things, and meet new people. sure you'll leave your friends behind, but it won't be forever. they can even come visit. I say "do it." if its a great opportunity, which it sounds like it is, you should go for it.

Seriously? You've gotta do it, or you'll always wonder what if.

I think the more important question is what's holding you back? It's hard to pass up a good opportunity, there's gotta be something there. Think about it, and see if whatever it is is better than a brand new life, in a new town with new adventures. Plus you said promotion & good money!

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