Apr 26th 2011
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I am a shy guy and so sometimes I feel uncomfortable approaching a woman that I like. Any suggestions on that?
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Well here is a idea that you can use to indirectly approach here just go up to here and say hey you look great, look her in the eye and walk away and don't look back.

you just gotta do it. take a deep breathe and just say "hello." On the other hand you could go the route where you talk to her friends and get an "in" that way. its less grown up, but its still done a lot.

Sometimes you just gotta suck it up and do it. I see it like this, even though we hate rejection, if the girl doesn't reciprocate you're still at the same place where you started. Why not give it a shot?

Strike up a conversation about something - the place your at, a band she likes, her outfit (without sounding like you want to shop with her!)....humor works very, very well on most girls.

Just be yourself and be sweet when you approach them. Don't go with any cheesy pickup lines! A girl, in the right circumstances, will generally be pretty open to men approaching them if they are just being friendly.

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