Apr 29th 2011
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What are your opinions on dating a coworker? I know in general it's a bad thing, but what if you don't immediately work with them? Has anyone had a GOOD
experience from dating a co worker?
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No, never a good experience and it's generally a bad place to go. Why risk it? And I'm not even going into office policies...if anything goes wrong, you've got a whole lot of tension to work though.

obviously something that has negative connotations, but doesn't need to be a definite "no-no." Just be discreet about it, as you don't want to lose your jobs over it. be careful though, imagine what would happen if you ended up breaking off a serious relationship with a long time girlfriend and then had to see that girlfriend every day at work. it would no doubt be awkward. If you're into it, go for it, have some fun. Just be sure its a real thing before you go any further than the "fun" stage.

Why add more stress to an already stressful environment? Stay away from that drama, it ain't worth it.

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