May 4th 2011
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I know I'm cutting in close, but what can you all suggest I get my mom for Mother's Day? She's not one for jewelery so that makes it a little tougher. Thanks!
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Spa's are nice, but why not spend some time with your good ole' mom by taking her out to lunch. Quality time is what she wants most of all anyway, so take her out for lunch or brunch or something, and tell her about your life and what you're up to. She'll love the attention, and the time spend with her little baby.

A day at the spa, or even a mani/pedi is always a great gift. I'm sure your mom will be happy with anything you give her, especially if it's from the heart.

How about some perfume or make-up. Or something cute and small she's always wanted. You could get a nice blouse, or scarf, a purse or a wallet. Or just plain out a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

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