May 8th 2011
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How long should I wait to date after getting out of a relationship?
4 Answers - Answer by Ed

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there isn't a specific amount of time obviously, its just when you personally feel comfortable. don't rush, but don't take your time either. go about your life as normal, and when someone special comes around, you'll know and you can begin dating again.

There's no science to it, although girls would disagree. I say give it a day.

When you meet someone new, and they seem right, time doesn't matter.

It is different for everyone. Some people require a mourning period, while others like to "find" themselves....Personally, I don't think there is any science to it. If I meet someone, a week, 5 months or whatever from my last relationship, if we connect that's that. Don't get caught up in time or details.

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