Jun 9th 2011
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I've gone on a couple of dates with this girl - we're both openly dating others - and she's invited me to a wedding for her cousin.
Should I worry about this, or is that old fashioned now? You know, the thinking about if you go with a girl to a wedding, she'll be expecting wedding bells.
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I agree with "StingFan." If ya'll are both open about the relationship, and openly dating others it shouldn't be a problem. Just be clear to her that while you'd love to go you aren't going as her boyfriend, just her date. Also, not all weddings turn women into men-crazed demons. It may just be a great event for you two to share.

If you're both openly dating others then you both are on the same page. I'm sure you'll have a great time, and why not take up a free dinner/drinks offer?!

You're fine, I think that thinking is pretty out dated. When I have a wedding to go to, I'll snag anyone up to take - it sucks to go alone. If she starts acting funky after, then you may have to talk about it....but I wouldn't worry!

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