Jun 19th 2011
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Younger guy, not wanting older women to get the wrong idea.
I'm a relatively young man, and I have a few online dating profiles. I am not looking for long term relationships, just some fun. Often I catch the eye of some older females, and I get the sense that they are looking for something more long-term then what I am interested in. I enjoy hanging out with older women, they're a lot more fun (I think) than the younger ones. Anyway, how do I make it clear to them that I don't want a long term relationship. I don't want to come right out and say it, otherwise I might scare off someone who is also just down for some fun. Any suggestions?
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Let the women know that you are openly dating until you meet "the one." Usually, both the challenge and honesty will keep them very much still interested.

I think being honest is really important here. Women tend to be more vulnerable when online dating (that's just my opinion) so putting your feelings & intentions out there is really important. Be honest without sounding like a jerk, you'll be fine!

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