Jun 28th 2011
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I have a date this weekend and I'm cooking dinner. Does anyone have any suggestions on meals to impress a girl with? Maybe even a recipe?
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Italian is always good! Look up Baked Ziti, it's delicious and fairly easy to prepare, and then you stick it in the oven for a while. I think Mexican is also impressive, but a bit harder to pull off if you're not accustomed to it!

Going exotic is nice, but the possibility for failure could be high. Also the more exotic the flavor, the more the chance that she may not like it. I don't wish to sound sexist, but women usually don't put much confidence into men's cooking. Due to this, anything simple is still appreciated quite high. A simple chicken dish is my suggestion or maybe pasta. You can still make it look great, and she'll love it. Lastly, a dessert is a great final touch.

Whatever you make, I have an easy suggestion for dinner. Buy some bananas, chocolate chips, peanut butter chips and coconut. Cut the bananas in smallish pieces. Melt the choco & PB chips and dip the bananas in the mixture. Dip in coconut, then freeze. You'll have bite sized frozen bananas, and they are delicious!!

I'd say go with Mexican, that's always a winner.

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