Jun 28th 2011
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What's a healthy alternative when eating fast food? I'm on the road a lot, and I'm feeling quite blue from all the greasy stuff out there...any ideas?
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I love salads from fast food places. You can also pack your own lunch, if you get a small cooler everything will stay cold and fresh.

While most fast food places offer "healthy" choices these days, those choices are often not all that great. Either they aren't as "healthy" as they appear or are advertised, or they just plain don't taste so great. I agree with "Ed" that sandwich shops are a great way to go. Blimpies, Subway, Quiznoes, Schlotzskys, etc. The list goes on, and on. Just find a nice sandwich, and you'll have energy without the guilt.

I'm a big fan of sandwhich shops, but even fast food places have good options. Wendy's salads are pretty awesome, too.

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