Jul 5th 2011
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I have a small situation that I would love some advice on. Ok. So, there's this guy. He works down the street from me at
I really hope people check this because I have a small situation that I would love some advice on. Ok. So, there's this guy. He works down the street from me at a mechanic's garage and usually parks by my house. I first noticed him a few months ago and never really paid to much attention to him. Except for the last two weeks. He smiled at me. This was a genuine smile.Not out of politeness or anything. I don't think I've ever seen him smile until then. Usually when I see him he's leaving work and looks tired and miserable. But this was unexpected. At first I thought maybe it was just in my head. But then about a week later I saw him again. He drove by me, smiled at me again, and waved at me. A legit acknoweledgment. Then today we shared a few words. An awkward "Hey. How's it going?" But we spoke but HE spoke to me FIRST. We have never said a thing to him before or vice versa.My problem is I think I'm really starting to crush on this guy. I've never really done anything like this before and I would really like to get someone's opinion on what you think he's doing and what you think I should do. I don't know much about this guy other than where he works, what he drives, and what he looks like. I don't even know his name! I am pretty sure he's a few years older which could be a future problem ... if there is a future. Could someone please give me some advice what I should do next. I don't really want to sit out on my front steps and wait for him to get done work everyday but I do want to get to know him. Please help?? I feel pretty lost and confused. I have no idea what to do.
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This whole thing has gotten confusing. Things were going kinda well until recently. We haven't really had a conversation yet but he's still seemed interested because he would make it a point to drive by and beep and wave when he saw me out.(Most times not very convenient for him) But last week I think he got his friend a job at the garage because I've never seen this guy before until then and they hang out for a few minutes by one of their cars after work and I've seen them go to lunch together. The thing is, ever since this guy started, he seems to completely be avoiding me. At times where it would be a garuntee he would at least drive past me, he goes a dfferent direction and now parks further away, stuff he never did before. Makes me wonder.... does he have a girlfriend and not want this other guy to be suspicious? What do you guys think? Should I just forget about him and move on?

Good luck!

To update you all, I saw him today, parked right outside my house again. Not much progress was made since words have trouble coming out of my mouth in these situations. When I went to sit out with my dog he was already sitting in his car, talking on the phone. He then got out and asked me to watch his car for he left something at work and left it running. When he came back he pet my dog and said something about the weather but I didn't respond cause I didn't understand what he said. It actually looked like he regretted saying it. But I regret not saying more than "hi" "sure" "yeah" and "see ya". He's making the effort and I'm failing. But I'm not gonna give up. I've convinced myself I'm slowly building up our conversations each time I see him. Maybe tomorrow I'll say more than four words if I see him.

If you are shy a good alternative is to ask him a question about what he specializes in. So if he's a mechanic, ask a question about your car. Even something simple, like "I was wondering if you could help teach me how to fix a flat tire." If he's interested, he will most definetly help you out. And it will be a good opportunity to get to know him.

Oh, what a fun story! I love potential budding new romances. I think this guy is interested, he sure seems to be. If you can muster up the courage, you could ask him out for coffee or something - somewhere public since you don't know him. I think a great first step is to ask his name and introduce yourself!

Thanks Stephanie. I did see him again today. He parked right out front of my house. He said hi to me again but he was with somebody so I didn't attempt to start up a conversation. Hopefully I'll see him again soon and be able to. I'm a pretty shy person so hopefully I can muster up the strength. Thanks again. I'll keep you updated!

Hi Jess. Well, to answer your question, here's what I would do: try to talk to him casually next time he says hello. Don't ask anything, but just strike up a conversation and see where it leads you. You'll be able to get an idea pretty quickly as to what this man wants to do. But how much older is he? Try to be friends first and be careful, as you never really know what people have in mind. Don't let your crush make you blind. So be very casual and see what you can get from him about his intentions. Maybe he is interested and that's why he's smiling at you and saying hello. Don't volunteer too much info but instead ask him questions: where does he live, does he have a family (it will help you find out if he's with someone or not) etc. And then take it from there. But again, be careful just in case. Keep me posted.

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