Jul 6th 2011
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I recently made a drastic move from Chicago to New Orleans, and have been thinking about joining the dating scene. What are some precautions I should take?
I'm alone in this city, no friends, but have met a few co-workers. I've always lived fairly close to home so there was always someone I could call "in case of an emergency." I'd love some general tips I should think about before diving into the dating scene in a "foreign land!"
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Try online dating sites... sounds scary but I know this has worked for MANY people I know..especially if you are new to a city. Try it at least! :)

Always go out to public places. And as soon as you make a friend, or even a colleague you bond with, let them know you're going out that night.

I think for first dates may should meet them wherever you are having your date, so as not to give them your address or be alone in a car with them. Letting your friends or family know you're going out is a good option, too.

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