Aug 5th 2011
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I've been having a hard time dating this girl due to my busy travel schedule. I'm not sure if she's going to start thinking I'm not interested, but i"ve just...
had one thing after another pop up and I haven't been able to keep in touch with her as much as I could. Do I need to explain myself or apologize? I'm not sure how to handle it without sounding like I am not interested.
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why are you trying to date if you know you're busy? That's very confusing for women...But since you're in this situation, call her or email her and tell her clearly that you ARE interested, but that your schedule is really tough right now and "please understand" and it will get better etc. Communication is key

I agree with "Lucy", honesty is the best policy. She may think you're full of it however, which is an unfortunate consequence of your hectic schedule. Just be honest though, and she should see your sincerity.

Just the honest, and Tracious is right - communication is key. Just make sure to let her know how it's going, and maybe even offer to have a phone or skype chat, let her know you're interested and make plans for a future date when things are more settled.

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