Sep 22nd 2011
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I was recently dating this guy but ended it because he would never invite me to his apartment. Did I act too hastily or was I fair being weary of him?
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Thanks, everyone. Jack - I mentioned it a couple of times and he never gave me a direct answer. Looking back on it, after I posted this, it was probably a smart thing to do.

I agree with SuperMike, once you make a decision you shouldn't look back on it. It will just keep you up at night thinking "did I do the right thing?" Just KNOW that you did the right thing, and you'll be ok. Also, I'd say you were being fair about things. However, did you ever ask him why you couldn't ever come over?

I think you acted hastily. Next time (cause you can't take it back now) find out the reasons before you jump the gun. You never know the reasons behind it.

I don't think I could trust a guy that doesn't let me into his life - that's a definite red flag! It may not have been anything major, but if he didn't trust you or open up to you, you did the right thing.

If you already ended it, don't think twice about it. You gut is a pretty good thing to go by. We all act hastily, don't fret about it.

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