Sep 23rd 2011
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How do you bring up religion/spiriuality on a date? It's become important to me in finding a partner, but I don't want to scare guys away either.
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Everyone's right - just give it time and the topic will come up at the right time.

I'd say the spirituality questions comes up around the time you talk about kids.....well into the future. Many women want children, but you just don't bring it up right away - same thing with religion! Jack has a great point, tho, on joining religious focused groups. Try as well!

I gree with Smitty. As important as it is to you it may scare a guy away if you bring it up right off the bat. I'd make sure you like the guy first and make sure that he likes you. If he's into you then he will have no problem accepting you. Also, try some religion based dating groups. Then you'll be sure that you and him are on the same page right out of the gates.

Don't bring it up until you've gone on a few dates. It's good to be open and honest, but don't do it upfront.

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