Sep 27th 2011
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Do guys care about a woman dying her hair? Whether for gray coverage or a hot pink streak - does it even phase them?
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I think most guys don't care, but at the same time we do all have personal preferences. If a girl has a pink streak or is obviously not a natural blonde, that's cool in my book. But I'm generally not attracted to girls that are too punk with their hair - mohawks, all bright pink, etc.

Personally, if it is natural looking, I'm fine with it.

Oh yes, I and 56% of men polled do notice women's hair as a sexual attractant! So, hair is very sexy if it is good and displayed correctly. Remember that flipping your hair is one of the few universal flirting behaviors women use to attract men!

In this guy's opinion, your hair color, clothes and makeup aren't any more or less than your opening statement of who you want to be seen as. By that I mean, if you are 45 lbs overweight, wear torn ratty clothe,s and have five color hair, you will be appealing to a very narrow male or female audience! On the other hand, if you are neatly turned out and have a pink streak in your hair many guys consider that fun and a conversation started. It's the look as a whole that tells people who you want be seen as: conservative, fun seeker, slob it is your choice every time you look in the mirror. Pick your look and if it doesn't work, change it.

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