Sep 30th 2011
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I know this question has been asked to death but I want to know real people's thoughts. How many dates do think you should go on before sleeping with someone?
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I think ideally 10 dates. I know people say 3 to 5, but I believe it's still too early to get to know someone well and sex really does change the dynamics

depends on the situation. just know that the sooner you do it, the greater the potential for a relationship that doesn't go the distance.

I'm not sure about how many dates, because you could potentially go on several dates in a week. I think waiting a few weeks is generally good, but it just depends on the situation.

I agree with Lucy, but you also need to progress with the relationship. Sex is important, and now-a-days it can't be put off too long or men do lose interest. Unfortunately, that's how it is now - but it is your call, that's the beauty of being the woman, all the power is on our side!

I think giving yourself a "number" is a bad idea, it's all about chemistry and connection. If you feel strongly, why not sleep together after 2 dates? If you want to take it slow, then wait a while. Ultimately it's your call and no one elses

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