Sep 30th 2011
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Iím thinking of potentially getting breast implants. Whatís your take on them? And what do you think men think of them?
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I think if it helps a woman feel more beautiful and confident in herself, then why not? Personally, I'm not a "breast man" so it doesn't phase me either way, but I wouldn't have anything against dating a girl who has implants, as long as they are tasteful and not slutty or overdone.

It all depends. Breast augmentation from an A to a B cup isn't the same as from a C to a DD. I've heard that there could be breastfeeding complications in the future, but I don't know for sure. I think its certainly something to discuss with your significant other. While it is your body, and your decision - your partner should be able to include their input. Also, yes - guys like big boobs. Duh. :)

I like breasts, like most men, but to be honest I don't like how implants feels and it's a big turn off. I wouldn't stop dating a girl because of it, but if I knew early on it may be a deal breaker

I couldn't agree more with Ed, if you feel confident by having implants, then go for it! But if you're doing it for any other reason, take a hard look at the reason before you make such a big decision.

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