Oct 5th 2011
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How do you tell a girl that her boyfriend is not right for her? We're not that close, but her dude treats her like crap. Is it my place or should I stay quiet?
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If you're not close, why do you want to interfere? Are you interested in her? The "don't shoot the messenger" saying really is true, and no matter how horrible her boyfriend may be, you will be the messenger. Now, if he is being abusive, you should talk to someone she trusts and see if they will talk to her. If it's not that bad, it's her choice. Lots of girls like the bad boy - but they don't like the guy that points it out to them.

are you asking because you like this girl? Do you feel that you would be a better boyfriend? If you really are into her then you should talk to her about it. She might say, "no thanks" but at least you can get it off your chest. Maybe she is also unhappy though with the way he treats her and she will decide to move on, perhaps with you.

Stay quiet unless the situation is abusive. It's best to stay out of it.

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