Nov 2nd 2011
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So, I'm dating this girl and I'm not sure when to make a pass. She said she wants to start out as friends, but it's been over a month now and I don't know
if I should wait for a sign from her or if I should take the initiative. Please help.
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You need to get out of the friend zone. For one thing is she calling you to get together or is it just you calling her. If she calls, don't be 100% instantly available. Make her wait a day. Or two. Your rarity will automatically raise her perception of your value. There are other things you can do, check out some of the dating programs that are available online. Give her some competition, see other girls as well. Concentrating on "The One" works against you. Good Luck.

You can always wait for a sign, but you have to consider that you might miss that sign. Sometimes you just have to go for it. What you need to do is make it clear that you're interested. Even if that means flat out saying it to her, she needs to know. Its ok to start as friends, so long as you're working towards being more. If she doesn't want that, then you'll know and you won't expect anything from her and you can try other options.

Start slow, go in for a kiss, a passionate embrace, anything that suggests you want to be more than friends. Let that seed grow, and you should be on your way to being more than friends. At some point you should also vocalize your feelings to her so she is aware.

Taking it slow can be good, but if it's been a month you need to make your move already! Lucy's right, pay attenntion to signals. Good luck!

If you two are dating, she's definitely interested if it's been going on for a month! You can take it slow and still make your move, just pay attention to the signs she puts out there. If she seems not interested, take it down a notch.

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