Dec 11th 2011
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Iím a single mother and my boy is reaching puberty. I donít know how/when I should have the ďtalkĒ with him and what steps to take...
Is there anyone that has gone through this that can offer some advice or insight on how to handle? Thanks!
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I went through something similar with a neice. Just be honest without giving too much information or being too crude. Even if he doesn't want to talk about it, at least give him a little synopsis of your beliefs and wants for him.

A counselor sounds like a decent idea, but is there any male figure in the boys life? An uncle maybe? I know that sounds weird, but he might be a little more comfortable ... scratch that comfortable isnt the right word...he'll feel less mortified if a guy is telling him this as opposed to a women...especially his mom. So..yea maybe a counselor is a good idea.

I can't offer you any first hand advice, but I think that sitting down with your son and just having a general talk could be a good thing. It all depends on your relationship, but I've had single parent friends that will either buy them a book or get a counselor to talk to them. I'm sure whatever you do, he'll appreciate it.

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