Dec 11th 2011
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My family is big on meddling, and every time a holiday rolls around they are all about my single life. Any suggestions on how to handle this without being...
rude or completely ignoring their questions/remarks?
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I've had to deal with very similar circumstances especially after my divorce and because of my son. Best thing I did was ignore it with a smile, but that's the kind of relationship we have. If you're close to them, speak up.

you can always just ignore it, but parents and family don't seem to like that. my suggestion is just to say "hey I'm doing it at my own pace, mind your own bees wax." they won't ever stop, but thats cause they love you and are your family.

Be honest with them and tell them they are meddling, without being rude. It's okay to stand up to your family. Trust me, I have to do it all the time!

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