Jan 4th 2012
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I have a friend that split up over 6 months ago from her husband. The divorce was just finalized 2 months ago, but she can't pull herself together.
Her life is falling apart, she's always unhappy - and she was always such a positive person, it's effecting her at work and some of her friends have said to avoid inviting her to things because she brings everyone down. I know she has to work through this on her own, but is there anything I can do??
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Sometimes I think people need a reality check. Let her know that it's taking over her life, and give her some insight into losing her friends, her life slowly unraveling, etc. While I think it's good to be there for her too, she probably needs a little slap in the face of reality.

Sounds like your friend might benefit from speaking with a therapist or counselor. While support from friends is always good, sometimes professional help is called for. It worked for me, anyway.

Time will heal most all wounds. If time doesn't do it, then she needs a good friend to give it to her straight. The world is full of love - just find it.

I've come to learn in those situations you can't do anything. Like Liza said, stay positive.

I think the best thing you can do is be her friend. It's hard to go through such a life altering event, but it can't run her life either. I really believe there's nothing anyone can say or do for her, but she could probably really use your friendship. Be positive around her, encourage her when you can. She'll find her footing eventually.

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