Jan 5th 2012
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My son recently "bullied" a guy I was dating. Does anyone know of any good books or have advice on how to handle this? He's going through a tough time, but I
want to show him support while still moving on with my life.
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Oh, I had something similar happen to be - but it was the guy I was dating daughter! I think in addition to you showing him he's still you're #1 guy, anyone you date needs to show an interest and make an effort with him. I had to remember I was the adult, and it wasn't his daughter's fault she was acting out. That's important.

I agree with FirefighterGal, except it may be difficult for your son to accept any other guy, no matter what. At some point it is important to step in as a parent and say "Stop this. It's my life and this is what I'm doing with it. You don't have to like it, but I ask that you respect it." I know it isn't easy. Over time, it should become better though.

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