Jan 12th 2012
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I'm a t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers kind of guy.
I don't look sloppy, but I also don't wear Dolce and Gabbana or whatever. I enjoy my look, but feel it might be hurting my chances with the ladies. Any suggestions on how I can maybe find a happy medium? Or do I have to get all spiffed up?
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Be who you want to be. Can't fool anyone. You'll also get the type of girl you're looking for by acting natural

some girls like the t-shirt and jeans guy look. just don't be sloppy.

Dress the occasion. If it's a casual outing, wear jeans & a tshirt. If you're going on a date or out to a nice restaurant, dress it up a bit.

I agree with Lucy, a happy medium could be tshirt, jeans and a blazer. Maybe it's not your clothes that is unattracting women - have you thought of anything else that may be keeping them away?

I'm a tshirt and jeans kind of guy, and I've never had any trouble. You're either looking for the wrong girl or need to change up your game.

If that's how your comfortable, then why change yourself? As long as you're "clean" it's okay to bee in Tshirts & jeans. I usually prefer men in jeans & chucks over all dressed up. Don't change yourself! But if you're wanting to step up your game for personal reasons, try adding a casual blazer with your tshirts.

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