Jan 30th 2012
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So I found myself in a new weird position. A wrong number dialed me a couple of weeks ago and after he apologized he kept me on the line....
We've actually been talking since then every couple of days. It's not quite like online dating, but it sure feels that way. My question is: Should I be weary of this guy or should I go for it and go on a date??
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be careful, but hey weirding things have happened. maybe meet for coffee - someplace in public, during the day of course - and see what happens.

Sounds like he could of done it on purpose, I've heard of "trolling" for girls this way. I'd say forget the guy and move on to a better way of meeting people.

I'd say if you really feel a connection with this person and you want to meet them, do it in a public place and let a friend know where you'll be. Just like if you were meeting someone from a dating site, just be precautions.

I would say beware. It sounds sketchier than finding a date on craigslist. Whatever you decide, be careful.

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