Feb 2nd 2012
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What's your take on Chambers? Do you think they are they good for business?
4 Answers - Answer by lucy

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You mean Chambers of Commerce, right? They are good for networking and getting to know people in your community as well as getting your name out. However, being a self-employed person, I can tell you I haven't gotten much business from them. It seem that often it's more social or educational. But it still is good to meet people. You probably need to make an extra effort to get to know those people and then maybe you would get some business referrals

Unless you are heavy into networking, I just don't think they are beneficial. Also, small business owners just starting out may benefit. But ultimately, I think there's better ways to spend your money - like advertising!

If you are really social and into networking, it can be one of the best programs to get into. I built a lot of my referrals by joining a chamber, but not just by going to their events. I volunteered with some organizations and that's where I really found the most benefit.

If you're a small business owner that is just getting started, they can be really helpful. Even if your established and want to network or connect, I think they are useful. I've usually worked for companies that join Chambers and they were great with referrals and workshops.

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