Feb 2nd 2012
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Is it okay to flirt with your child's teacher? Should I wait until he finishes the year in his class? And, if I'm interested in going out with him should I just
take the plunge and ask him myself????
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I would wait, and see if he has an interest in you too. It's the worst to make a fool of yourself and then have to see him all the time.

I agree with ScorpioKing, except I wouldn't ask him out until after the semester ends. If he's into you and flirtatious, I think that the reason he may not ask you out is because of your child. Just be patient, at least you can take advantage of that fun flirty-beginnings for a while!

Flirt away! If he asks you out, go for it. Just keep it separate from your child and don't tell them about it. And I'd say go for it on asking him out - guys dig that.

I would think it's probably best to wait until he finishes the class, just because if things don't work out it may be awkward. I'd flirt with him and see if he is interested before asking him out. You have months to figure it out!

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