Mar 23rd 2012
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I have a twin that is thinner, taller and prettier than me. Every time I meet a guy and he finds out I have a twin he gets really excited, then when he
meets her he immediately shows interest in her and stops dating me. I don't know what to do, it's been an issue for years and I'm ready to pull my hair out! I love her, but I don't know how to avoid this issue. I know she doesn't do it intentionally, but she is hurting me and that's another thing I don't know how to handle. Please help!
2 Answers - Answer by doubletrouble

Recent Answers   (2) to your sis. She should be polite about this and not poach your men. Also, if a guy is that shallow - let him go. You'll find the right guy sooner or later and he'll be into YOU, not the way you look.

Have you tried talking to her? Maybe you should wait when dating someone to see if it gets serious. I'm sure if you did that and things did get serious, the guy wouldn't lose interest in you for ANYone, not even your twin. Be honest with yourself and your sister, it will probably make things a lot better.

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