May 31st 2012
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How do I tell a friend of mine that her behavior is offensive/hurtful to me?
I don't think she has a clue... She seems to have an over-confident attitude that she's always right and that whatever she does is always correct. She's a nice girl, but it's tiring to be with her as she always wants to impose her views and is very aggressive or pushy in her behavior. Often, she hurts people (me) and I don't think she's realizing it. I feel that she needs to humble down a bit but I don't see it happening at all. She's living in a different reality all together.
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I've had the same issues inthe past. People just want to walk all over you... It's not an easy one but I would just stop all contact

Some people never change, so minimizing your time with her may be a solution

Maybe you could tell her that you get quickly offended and that you like it when people have a mellow attitude. Maybe she'll get the hint. It seems that if you confront her directly she wouldn't take it well, so the indirect route would be that. Otherwise, you can just avoid spending time with her. Some people are just inconsiderate and she may be one of those.

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