Jul 22nd 2012
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Even before I ask this question, I know what everyone's answer is going to be. But I'm going to ask it anyway. Can I date my boss?
This isn't MadMen. This isn't one of those situations where I'm being taken advantage of. Its just two people who happen to find one another - and it just so happens they work in the same company. I feel that it would work out between the two of us. I've even considered quitting, and getting another job just so that it wouldn't be weird that he was my boss. What are your thoughts?
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We're all adults, and can make adult decisions. If someone wants to date their boss, I think it's fine as long as you are okay with the sacrifices/consequences that may come. I've seen both good & bad come out of it, so if you feel like you've got nothing to lose, go for it!

Some companies have it in their policies that you cannot have a relationship with your direct supervisor as it's a legal liability. However, I am sure this happens anyway. Just remember that if thing don't work out, you will likely be losing your job. I would say see of you can start it rather as a friendship and get a better feel for where it can go. I personally wouldn't do it, but I guess it depends how much you like him

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