Aug 16th 2012
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How can I prevent other people from using my good nature? It seems that people can 'smell' this about me and right away go into the user mode.
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That is a great trait to have! But I know what you mean about people using you. I think you need to find your own balance of being a kind person, while still staying cautious. If you think anyone is trying to take advantage of you, confront them and let them know how you feel. We all need nice people in this world.

I agree with Lucy, confrontation is the best way. If you feel you're being used, say something. Be prepared though, some poeple will become defensive when you decide to talk to them about it. "Me?!" "How could you say that?!" "I thought we were friends?!" You just have to let them know that you've been taken advantage of before, and it was similar to this. Nothing against them, but you're just looking out for yourself.

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