Oct 11th 2012
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I still love my ex boyfriend and I know he loves me too, but somehow he doesn't seem to be willing to give our relationship a second try...
I've already sent him an email telling him how I feel - I don't understand why he is so stubborn. Is there anything else I can do?
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From my experience, if he's interested he'll make sure to pursue you. If he's not contacting you, it's time to move on, whatever his issues are. At the end of the day he may just not be the right guy for you.

In my experience, guys in this situation feel that they have the upper hand. They get the "relationship" part of you when they want it - but aren't tied down. They're getting the best of both worlds, in a sense. When they want you, you're there for them. When they don't want you, well in their minds the two of you are just friends. You need to give him an ultimatum. If he feels strongly about being with you, then he needs to make some moves. If not, then maybe you two need some time apart.

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