Jan 10th 2013
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Its our first time.
So I've been dating this guy for a 'lil while, we've gotten very close. I'm spending the night at his apartment this weekend. I don't want to get too crazy...if you know what I mean, but I can't hide the fact that I'm very anxious to be with him :). I don't want him to think that I'm easy or anything like that, but I really feel a connection with him. Thoughts?
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Well, it would help if you said how long it's been... If it's over a month, I think you're ok. If it's less, then that can get a little tricky. You can be sure that if you're spending the night, the expectation that something would happen is there. However, if you're uncomfortable, then I would discuss it. If you say you guys are close, then talking about it shouldn't be an issue. If he's the right guy, he will understand.

Maybe you've already made your decision, but if you ask me - Go For It! Have some fun, don't worry about anything else. If he gets what he wants, and then decides to say "goodbye"...well then screw him. There are good guys out there though, I promise you.

I think if you're planning a sleep over, sex is probably in the cards. Don't worry about being too crazy, but only do what you are ready for. I'm sure your both adults so you know how to make the right decision, and when the time is right.

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