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Why Men Want Sex and Women Need Love ?
3 Answers - Answer by Espwar N. Mkly

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Men are more animalistic in their nature. Men want love too, don't get me wrong. But, men also want sex without commitment a lot of the time as well. Understanding what the man you're with, or want to be with, wants is the first step. Getting him to stick around, if all he wanted was sex in the first place, is the second...much harder step. I don't want to sound like you have to trick a guy into loving you - you just have to show him that while sex is great, love is even greater if he gives it a chance.

I think we both want love and sex, but men can find satisfaction in sex without falling in love, whereas women tend to fall in love even if it's meant to be casual sex.

I think men are afraid to love and be loved, so they are hiding behind sex because it doesn't put them in touch with true feelings. It's a growth process and I think the more emotionally mature a man is, the more ready he will be for real love. Until he embraces this, he'll be stuck in sex.

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