Mar 28th 2013
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So, I have this coworker...and she is absolutely inappropriate...
She flirts with our boss (it is a fairly small office), wears little outfits, and is passive aggressive with all the female staff. We don't have a traditional HR person/department, and there isn't anyone to turn to about how uncomfortable this is making me and my coworkers. What should I do?
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I would suggest ignoring her completely. If she starts getting promoted over other, more qualified people, then you have a reason to take action. If she's just a flirt, and that's her personality - whatever let her be that way. Once it starts affecting her work, or your work, or your ability to be productive - then you need to take action.

Tracious is right, you should say something. Talk to your boss's boss, or maybe even pull that person aside yourself if you're feeling especially strong that day. Mention that what you think she is doing is innaporpriate and you'd like her to stop. Be prepared to stand your ground though. This person may become defensive and say "I don't do that." "You're wrong." "You don't understand." Be assertive, fair, but calm.

I would go talk to the boss above your boss. Mention that many people are not comfortable with it. Even better, see if you can go with a couple people and talk about it. It will give you guys more weight. Companies are usually scared of sexual harassment stuff, even if not in the classical sense. I've heard once that harassment can also mean when you see someone else involved in provocative behaviors, so it doesn't have to always be direct to you.

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