Oct 20th 2010
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Some many times we hear women complain that there aren't any good guys left in this world......... Ok, where are they?
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I say avoid these women. If they are complaining that they can't find men, then they should examine themselves before trying to analysis men.

Show the women of the world that your rich, have a lot of money, and are willing to spend it on them, and you will find the women you are looking for......... THE GOOD ONE ARE ALREADY TAKEN, unfortunately..........

I think a lot of men get trapped into falling for the first appearances in a woman or girl. But you need to give it some more time and look for the signs. If a woman is not treating you well, don't try to pursue the challenge.

I recently read that what women are looking for is the 'bad guy' flirtatious sense and a 'good guy' treatment of the women. I think it means that you can be playful and humorous, but still not act as a jerk.

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