Oct 20th 2010
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I'm trying to lose weight. I've eating healthier (the beers haven't been helping). So other than eliminating the ahcolol, what other eating tips can you give me
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Eat 4-5 very small meals a day, and if your hungry, try slicing up a bell pepper and dipping it with some Dejun Mustard.

IF YOU WANT TO LOSE WEIGHT THIS IS WHAT YOU MUST DO: 1- Exercise Even if you have to go on a walk, it's still exercising. 2 - Dont eat until AFTER you have exercise! This will speed up your metabolism! 3 - NO MORE CRACKERS, COOKIES, POTATO CHIPS Eliminate them! If your hungry and need a snack, try fruit, a health bar, or the BEST, get a bell pepper, slice it up, and eat it. You can use Dijon Mustard for dipping sauce. 4 - Exercise YEAH! I said it again, but get off you ASHE and get active. An active lifestyle will shed the pounds.

Dude! Hit the gym and switch to bud light

Try to limit carbs, such as bread, potatoes, rice, sweets, chips etc. I've been doing this for a bit over a month now and I've lost about 8 pounds.

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