Oct 20th 2010
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Can someone recommend to me some good business motivational books or courses?
3 Answers - Answer by StingFan

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The Marcus Buckingham/Tom Rath 'Strength Finder' books are good, albeit a $23 log-on code. Buckingham's 'Go Put Your Strengths To Work' had me almost in tears; he says what I've been trying to say for 30 years. BTW StingFan, if you're ever in Atlanta, GA, I work at Barnes&NobleGATech. I'll be more than happy to help you :)!

Tony Robbins has a ton of good stuff for business and motivation. You can get CDs and books. Also, the author of Rich Dad Poor Dad (forgot the name) is also pretty good. Then there's the 4-hour work week book. You get the idea.


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