Oct 22nd 2010
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I've been trying meditation, but I'm having a hard time focusing to staying still and not thinking. It just seems like a really tough task.
I can do a little bit of it, like 15 minutes, but am really having difficulty doing it for 1/2 hour or for an hour. Any tips on how I can control this better?
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Meditation - voiding your mind of thought - is almost impossible for anyone. Just by really being aware of what your are thinking and continually quieting that down is the process that makes meditation worthwhile. A good way to focus on something while you are attempting to focus on nothing is just to notice your breath.

The key--or so I hear--is to have a "mantra"...that's supposed to help you stay focused. Pick one that has significance for you. By repeating it over and over to yourself you will more easily remain in the moment.

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