Oct 26th 2010
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Has anyone gone to courses or seminars for self-help and spiritual stuff and which ones would you recommend?
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There are a ton of seminars out there but you need to pick the one that appeals to you the most depending on your need. For example, Tony Robbins talks about motivational and business stuff, Conversations with God's author talks about why and how here on earth and who we are. Almost any author here on the site, I've noticed, has some kind of seminar. It may be good to first read something by the author and then if you need more info, go to their site and see if it's for you. Be careful not to be swept into courses that cost you a ton of money. A lot of times that's not necessary.

Seminars have their place. For myself, I needed to hear things many times in different ways over the course of years for it to sink it. Gradually it did, and when I reached the point of readiness for the next level, a long time friend introduced me to Peak Potentials Training (aka "Peaks"). Peaks is very different. Through a series of core camps you will be transformed by the information and your experiences there. The intro course is called the "Millionaire Mind Intensive" ($90). The focus sounds like it's about money, but really it's all about your personal growth. In it, you will learn who you are NOT. And, if it resonates with you, the next course is the most important. It is called "Enlightened Warrior Training" and it shows who you ARE. Listening to seminars is mostly passive. Peaks camps are all about taking action and learning from the experience---turbocharging your spiritual development. Wealth is a concequence of your development. If you go, you will learn why.

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