Aviator Teddy
Oct 27th 2010
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Lately it seems "cool" for older ladies (Cougar's) to date younger men. What do you guys think about and older man dating a younger girl??
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I think everything is fine as long as both of you are enjoying it. But I do think there's an issue with maturity that can be off when you have a big age difference. But these days everything goes, so just enjoy it while it lasts. Make sure she doesn't rip you off though ;)


I think when the age difference is with an older woman it is less likely going to be a very long lasting relationship. Sooner or later, if the man is still sexually active, he'll be looking for a younger partner... That risk is real.

Age shouldn't matter either way. If two people are happy together whether their 2 or 20 years apart, then good for them. Recently I was dating a woman who was 12 years younger than me, and while she was physically amazing, her communicate and trust skills were lacking. Age is only a number...........

Now when you say "guys" do you literally mean the male species? I'm thinking their answers might be somewhat different from us gals...

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