Nov 8th 2010
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I'm turning 40 very soon. What kind of challenges can I expect?
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You are as old as you feel. If you hold the belief that 40 is old and view yourself as headed "over the hill", then you're going to feel old to make your belief true. In my book, at 40 you're just getting interesting. Did you notice that a 25 you were convinced you knew everything? Then, at 30, you thought, "now I really know everything." But, at 35, you start to wonder that maybe you don't know everything. Then, at 40 you come to the realization that you definitely do not know everything and never will. Now you have humility, and that makes you interesting. Humility allows you finally to be the real you without all the "I know everything" posturing of your early years. Look, 40 is JUST a number! Personally, I feel 35 all the time. I care so little about my age, that I have to do some quick math to figure it out when asked. The hair thing? Yeah, that's all true, but you get so much better in lots of other ways.

The realization that your hair is starting to STOP on your head, but increasing in size everywhere else........

challenges aren't related to your age....they're related to your mindset.

Other than the type of exam a male need to deal with when he turns 40, the other challenge is keeping yourself in good shape. You'll have to work twice as hard, or reduce your intake of carbs & fats by 1/2

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