Nov 9th 2010
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How can I teach those who I work with the appreciate the positive work contribution instead of them dwelling on the negative non-participation?
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Be the leader. You would be surprised at the effect of providing a steady solutions oriented approach. It doesn't matter how the situation got the way it is, the important thing to focus on is how to proceed from where you are. To acknowledge negativity and blame gives it strength. Politely ignore it and always move to solutions. This can have a profound affect on the people around you and they will follow your lead. If your in government, there will be no shortage of this behavior. Stay long enough to practice leadership. When you have mastered that, you will be ready for higher pay somewhere else.

Positive reinforcement can not be taught! If your boss wants to ride your behind, then they are the ones with the problems. My advice is to look for another job while continuing to do your best. If your boss can't appreciate your efforts, THEN THEY HAVE THE PROBLEM!

By setting the best example that you can....the rest is up to them.

Well, is there a reason why they are not happy? I'd say do your best, be friendly and try to showcase the good work you're doing.

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