Just Jack
Nov 10th 2010
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I'm dreading going home for Thanksgiving...family gathering are always a bickering session. Does anyone have advice for surviving dysfunctional family holidays?
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Try to stay out of the bickering and leave the room if it starts. Also, if you keep the conversation more superficial and friendly, it may help not going into unpleasant subjects. Diplomacy rules!

Just don't voice an opinion. I know thats harder for some than for others, but try to not get involved. THis doesn't mean you are dumb or don't have an opinion, it just means you don't want to deal with the fights that brew when other people share their differing opinions. Hope this helps, and good luck next family gathering.

So JACK? Did you use Tom35's advice!? Inquiring minds WANT TO KNOW!!!!

@tom35, nice!

NFL Football, College Football, NHL hockey, NBA basketball. Look, these distractions should help, but if the family drama persists, THEN YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE TO BE A MAN, JUMP UP IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FAMILY GATHERING, AND YELL AT THE TOP OF YOUR VOICE AND INSULT everyone who seems to ruin the family time. But end your rant with "this should be about family and not everyone's individual PETTY JEALOUSY" should try to straighten everyone out. Then, end it with: "those who wish to continue their petty jealousy discussion can make their way to the garage where no one will listen and no one will care. For the rest of us who care about family, we will stay here and enjoy turkey, stuffing, and family love" Do that and watch the reactions. If anyone complains, THEY will be the ones making an ASS out of themselves.

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