Nov 16th 2010
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I'm feeling kind of embarrassed, but I got rather drunk last night with the guy I've met only twice before and barely remember what happened.
Also, I'm not sure how to clear my 'reputation' with him now. I don't think anything overly sexual happened, but I am a bit scared things went a bit out of control and that I was rather silly. How do I correct that?
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Girl, you should never get into a situation like that. I think you shouldn't try to do anything and wait till the guy calls you back and asks you out. If he does, that means he liked you no matter what. If he doesn't you can't do anything about that anyway.

Stuff like this happens. Don't let it get to you. Tell him that you're not normally like that, or better yet show him that you aren't normally like that by asking him to hang out sometime when liquor isn't involved.

Been there, done that. There really isn't anything you can do; you can't apologize for something you don't remember. Leave it alone & chalk it up to a learning experience. Your embarrasment will probably stop you from a repeat in the future.

I agree. Though if you're really feeling bad, you could say something jokingly. That way he'll get the message but you won't need to offer any apologies.

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