Jun 25th 2010
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What is a good amount of money to set aside for a date to the movies and dinner?
6 Answers - Answer by richardmede2

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I think it depends on whether it's your first date or a later one. On the first, if you're going to a more formal dinner place, then you may need about $130 total. But if you're already dating, about $60 may be more than enough.

I agree with Suzanna, don't go over 100 bones for an evening out.

If you're already dating you should go Dutch asap... or stay home and cook for each other... much more fun ;-)

Like Tom Lycus said........... $40

If your really interested in the woman, then who cares about the dollar amount. Focus more on the person you hanging out with and not the materialistic side of things.

Dinner for two, $100

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