Dec 3rd 2010
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Why do guys sometimes start out really strong and then it seems the whole thing flips around? Was it all fake at the beginning?
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It may not be what you think. It sounds like starting out strong is the leadership of initiating a relationship, but then, as you get to know each other, he starts to really like you. So much so, that he begins to defer to you on more and more things. Why is that? Because he wants to please you so that you stay. If that is even close to what you are experiencing, then the guys you are talking about made the mistake of giving you power over them, which makes them unattractive and the opposite of how they started. Ironic isn't it?

I think guys put up a show to make sure they get you. And if you fall too quickly for them, then they are not interested. You need to keep the mystery going. I'm also suspicious of guys who do that. I find it more natural guys that aren't too pushy and that really do take the time to get to know you as a friend and to court you as a man.

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