Dec 8th 2010
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Why is it that married people always think that a single person needs to get "half" a gift than if they were married. It's really frustrating and not fair.
How can I make them understand that I also need to be spoiled once in a while
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I think it's a societal perception that's totally wrong. I have seen this happen too. I'd see, don't be friends with those who don't value you for your entirety. Obviously they think you don't deserve more or they are just wrapped up in their own problems and beliefs. Hang out with those that do appreciate you and you'll feel much more fulfilled

The only thing in this life you have any control over is you. Forget about the money. It is those thoughts and only those thoughts that are hurting you. The gift is not the thing that you were given. That is only a symbol. The true gift was their genuine desire to give to you. When you receive that gift with misgivings about its cost, you rob them and yourself of the joy of giving and receiving. Practice recognizing the real gift and being an excellent receiver. Then observe where greeting any gift with genuine gratitute leads you.

I mean that I've given more expensive gifts to my couple friends that what I have received in return. And a friend of mine gave me half of the amount of money she gave to her other girlfriends who are married and who have husbands supporting them. I find this unfair....

What are you talking about? What is "half" a gift?

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